Brennan’s London Marathon experience

Brennan, our amazing London Marathon runner, has shared his experience of running his first London marathon, his first ever marathon in fact! Brennan is a Southwark resident and an employee of one of Southwark Giving’s corporate charity partners, Mindbench…

“Hello everyone! It’s now been over a week since I completed the London marathon, and it would perhaps feel like a lot longer if I couldn’t still feel it every time I step. It was an amazing experience and I was proud to see so many Londoners come out to enthusiastically lend their support.

It being my first marathon meant a lot of things came as a great surprise, and I doubt there are many events in the world attended by bagpipers, reggae bands and Sikh dancers. This mix is what makes the London marathon so special. The volunteers and organisers also deserve huge credit for successfully and efficiently shuffling 40,000 well supported runners 26.6 miles across London.

The first 13 miles started very well and flew by, particularly going round the Cutty Sark. But, as we turned right across Tower Bridge and towards Canary Wharf, the actual length of the course dawned fully and I felt myself considering what would happen if I gave up. It was never seriously considered but I think running for such a great cause did push me that bit farther, and also crowd support (read peer pressure) certainly did the rest.

Special mention to the man handing out Kinder Buenos, it made a strange but nice change from the Haribo’s and jelly babies. Thanks also to Helen and Jo from Southwark Giving, for all their assistance during training. 

Immediately after the race I felt relief that I would never have to do that again, and even considered every marathoner slightly mad. However, somehow all the pain is forgotten, and looking back I can only remember those positives and the exhilaration of running. So, it is with great insomnia that I am happy to say I have since signed up to 6 more running events, including the Amsterdam marathon in October.

I was running in order to bring support and attention to these most pressing causes in a borough that has become a second home. Also, as an employee of Southwark Giving corporate charity partners Mindbench, I would be privileged to help make a difference to the lives of people who need it the most. I hope that together we can continue mitigating the existing poverty of opportunity that some face, and create a stronger community for all.

I would like to extend huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far, and also remind everyone that the link is still live, and anymore that can be raised is massively appreciated.”

You can still donate to support Brennan and our Southwark Giving Fund here. Thank you!