Brennan’s London Marathon progress

Brennan, our wonderful 2019 London Marathon runner, has shared an update with us on his marathon training progress:

“Thankfully, I’m already mid-way through my training and marathon day is fast approaching! My frequent evening runs are now light as spring is here which is great.

Admittedly, I’m nervous about the whole thing but there have been great gains since training started and the prospect of finally running on behalf of Southwark Giving is incredibly exciting! My fundraising for Southwark Giving is well underway. Many thanks to all those who have generously donated so far. It’s making such a difference! I’ve not yet reached my fundraising target but there is still time to donate.

In terms of training, this weekend I’ll be running a half marathon through Epping Forest in preparation for the big day. Given I wasn’t running long distance prior to this fundraising challenge, this marks a point of achievement for me in my training so far. Knowing there’s more to raise for Southwark Giving’s important work certainly energises and spurs me on to continue training hard over the next four weeks to ensure I am in peak condition for the day itself to reach my target!”

We are hugely grateful to Brennan for his dedication towards our Southwark Giving Fund, please do support him by donating here.