In May this year our very own Rob Jamieson ran the 2017 London Marathon! We are massively proud of Rob, it is no small feat to run 26 long miles. Rob finishedIMG_0763_small for web in an amazing 4 hours and 59 minutes which is even more impressive due to the fact that he was nursing a painful injury he’d picked up during training.

A few us us from Community Southwark went to cheer Rob along the route, we were able to track his progress through the London Marathon app on our phones. We simply keyed in Rob’s race number and there on our screens was a little moving ‘RJ’ blob, bobbing along a map of the route and occasionally not bobbing!

We positioned ourselves at around the 21 mile mark in Shadwell and kept our beady eyes on the crowd. It was nail biting stuff becuase we were worried we would miss him; a ‘Rob’ banner we’d made we hoped would help him spot us. The atmosphere and energy was just electric, all the runners that ran past us wore a variety of fun and colourful costumes and were all running for such fantastic causes. Their running t.shits told many stories, people running for charities connected to loved ones who were ill or who they had lost was so inspiring to see. The runners faces ranged from fixed determination to severly pained expressions – how was Rob going to be?

We had been told by previous runners that there are certain points along the route where runners can hit  ‘the wall’ and that this 21 mile marker was one of them. So we hoped that for Rob to see some friendly faces at this point would give him momentum to spur him on those last few grueling miles.

When we did see him it was such a special moment, we all felt such enormous pride, Rob heard us yelling and came over. We all got a big hug and his girlfriend IMG_0195_small for webJess a big kiss and he commented that all he wanted was a cold pint, well we couldn’t blame him there! We then had to let him go and waved him on his way. We all agreed that he looked pretty good considering the distance he had already run, we were both relieved and impressed. He was in decent shape, he would make it. Here’s a little video clip of Rob during the run.

What has Rob got to say?

”I’m not going to lie – running the marathon was horrible and i’m aching in places that i didn’t know i had. But running for Southwark charities is an incredibly worthwhile cause and kept me going until the finish line.”

Some thoughts from the day:

Nathan commented:

”There are very few things in life that fill me with awe. Seeing Robert give every last bit of energy into completing the London Marathon and supporting a cause bigger than himself is now one of them.” 

Clare commented:

”It’s brilliant to see the results of many hard hours of training that has raised so much money for brilliant charities. It was awe inspiring – the marathon truly IMG_0737_small for webbrings out the best in people.”

It certainly does.

Our Steve Smith, a seasoned Marathan runner, trained with Rob, this is what he had to say: 

‘In a positive way I think that Rob enjoyed his training runs. I think that he began to see the clear health benefits of regular exercise. Each time going a little further or faster and sometimes both, which did cause me some alarm. Our last training run together of 20 miles covered much of London’s last 5km or so from Tower to Westminster and so hopefully it provided some comfort in those closing miles.

The results of a pub wager during the course of a miss spent evening last year has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on Rob in more ways than one. He is now one of the most recently joined members of the exclusive club of the Marathon Runner. You can’t buy membership of this Club, you have to earn it the hard way, through sheer grit and determination. No doubt he’s also learned not to make rash claims over the
odd pint or three.

It sure was a journey of discovery for Rob. He probably uttered under his breath the phrase “never again” as he crossed the finish line, but after a little rest IMG_0764_smaller for weband recovery time and some reflection, I wonder. But as they saying goes “never say never”.”

Our Southwark Giving team was delighted to have been Community Southwark’s Robert Jamieson’s #ReasonToRun in the marathon. The generosity shown by people’s donations to Southwark Giving has been remarkable – and every penny raised will directly help unite Southwark to tackle local disadvantage.

It isn’t too late to donate, please do so on our giving page through the tab below:

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