Help Shape Southwark Giving!

We want our Fund to be of as much value, help and support as possible to the charities and voluntary organisations in the borough that work within our Life Transition priority areas.

So, we want to ensure that we know of and are connected with as many of those organisations as possible! To do this we are running a ‘Shape Southwark Giving’ campaign! 

Help Shape Southwark Giving!

If you are a registered charity or voluntary organisation based or operating in Southwark which deliver frontline services within one (or more) of our three priority needs we need to hear from you!

We need to know the following information per organisation:

  • Full name of organisation
  • Key contact
  • Which Southwark Giving priority need(s) you operate within
  • Area of Southwark you operate in

Provide your information

To provide this information please email

If you know a registered charity/voluntary organisation which fits the outlined criteria then please invite them to contact us to make themselves known. 

This campaign closes on 31 January 2019

We’d love to hear from as many charities as possible so please help us to help them.

Thank you!