How will we help?

Many of the issues Southwark is currently facing (and will face in future) are some common themes which cluster around issues of community and opportunity, as suggested in the research.

As people have a natural affinity with their local working and living environment, we will offer easily-accessible opportunities for people to invest in their community. This can be done by giving time, skills and/or money.

We will drive support and extra resources to the borough outside of the usual funding model. We’ll achieve this by developing cross-sector partnerships, use additional resources from local businesses, volunteering and inspiring active local community engagement.

The picture of Southwark which the research evidences, along with the projected future trends, threatens to undermine some of Southwark’s distinctive positive qualities. Southwark has a rich history of diversity and vibrant communities where those with poorer life opportunities struggle to survive.

The research, and we, would argue that a poverty of opportunities for some leads to a weaker community for all.

Therefore, we believe it is in everyone’s interests, whichever of the ‘two cities’ they find themselves in, to try to give more equal chances and opportunities to every individual in Southwark. This will help ensure that the borough is not left trailing behind its London borough neighbours and national comparators.

The right time to shape the vision of Southwark’s desired future is now. Be part of it!

Walworth road, Southwark

Walworth Road, Southwark