Local Charities Day 2018 is all about giving

Local Charities Day builds on the work of the Government’s recently published Civil Society Strategy, where they have committed to enhancing relationships between businesses, charities and local areas, to help communities grow. And that’s exactly what we, Southwark Giving, do as well offering accessible opportunities for anyone to give! We exist to support and reinforce the vital frontline work of effective local charities and voluntary organisations in Southwark.

This Local Charities Day is all about the importance of giving by pledging your time. There are many rewards in giving your time not least knowing you are investing your time to help others.

Southwark Giving offers opportunities to give your time both through our
Givers Network and through meaningful and needs-led volunteering in Southwark.

For meaningful volunteering we provide:

  • Practical team challenges
  • Skills-based volunteering for individuals and teams

Through high-quality relationship brokering we carefully match volunteers with effective local organisations ensuring maximum long-term social impact for all.

We strategically source, plan, facilitate and evaluate so you don’t have to! We also assess risk; project manage and facilitate the relationship and activities; carefully manage expectations; and provide support to everyone involved throughout.

Whether you are a Southwark resident, employer and/or employee or simply someone who is involved in or simply cares about Southwark and you’d like to give your time, we would love to hear from you! Please contact: hello@southwarkgiving.org.

If you’d like to help us support the people we exist to help, you can make a financial donation to our Fund

Join us and be part of Southwark Giving!

*The Fund is not yet live. It will be announced when it is.