Please support Brennan our 2019 London Marathon Runner!

We’re really pleased to announce that we are lucky enough once again to have a runner running for Southwark Giving in the London Marathon! Brennan is a Southwark resident and an employee of Southwark Giving’s corporate charity partner Mindbench.

Brennan says, “Hello all! I am absolutely delighted to announce that I am running the London Marathon 2019 on behalf of Southwark Giving.

As someone who works and spends a great deal of time in Southwark I have witnessed marked contrast in the lives of people in this borough, a feeling highlighted by Southwark Giving’s independent research report, A Tale of Two Southwarks. Southwark Giving aim to reduce that gap, and in doing so, create a huge improvement for the most disadvantaged, while also creating a greater sense of equality which will foster community in a united Southwark.

It is a great cause and I am very honoured to be running for it.

Any support on this journey is greatly appreciated!

Brennan is busy training away and will be running the mighty 26 miles on the morning of the 28th April. You can make donations to Brennan on our Southwark Giving donations page here.

On behalf of Brennan and Southwark Giving, we thank you in advance for your very kind donations!