Our One Year On: Activities Report is here

We are really pleased to share our Southwark Giving ‘One Year On Activities Report‘. We have put together his short report to provide a synopsis of Southwark Giving’s development and early activity in our first financial year.

2017-18 saw the first year of existence for Southwark Giving and in just 12 months, we are live with operations. This year has seen seed money raised for our developing Fund, brokering of cross-sector connections, delivering meaningful volunteering, cultivating a growing Givers Network, establishing our profile locally and gaining increasing traction throughout and beyond the borough.

So, excitingly, we are close to having a fully fledged giving scheme!

The report is in digestible sections of which we hope you will find of interest. This includes:

  • Priority needs
  • Our work
  • Cross-Sector partnership working
  • Givers network
  • Communications and outreach
  • Events
  • Influencing policy

We wouldn’t exist or be at our current stage of development without the generous support of money, time and skills from our Founder Funders and advisors on our cross-sector Strategic Partnership Board. So, we warmly thank each of them.

Here’s to making this second year our best yet!

We hope that you find the report informative. If you have any questions please do get in touch: hello@southwarkgiving.org