Priority local community needs announced

Southwark Giving provides a focal point for local giving. We exist to enable anyone to give money, time and/or skills in collaboration with others to help find new ways to address pressing local community needs.

What difference will Southwark Giving make?

Informed by our report, we have identified a theme of Life Transitions which we will target resources to over the next 10 years. When people go through dramatic changes in their lives, there is a risk that they can experience disadvantage and fall into points of crisis in family, health, wellbeing and economic stability. The critical points in an individual’s life can become difficult and yet it’s at those times important choices often need to be made.

We will be focusing on the following three key points of transitions in people’s lives to help prevent crisis:

  1. The transfer from primary to secondary school for children in receipt of free school meals and their families

Fact: Southwark’s child poverty rate is worse than the England average, with 27.6% aged under 16 living in poverty, compared to an England average of 18.6%*

  1. Young people making life choices aged 16+ years old – with particular focus on children in care and care leavers

Fact: mental health hospital admissions amongst 0-17 year olds in Southwark is higher than the England average (136.1 versus 87.4 per 100,000)*

  1. Adult unemployed 50 – 65-year olds seeking to secure employment positively contributing to and preparing for retirement

Fact: “Southwark is higher than the London average (3.2% versus 2.2%) of the proportion of over 50s claiming out-of-work benefits.”*

Through these focal areas, we will support people of all ages when they need it most and help them have opportunities to live fulfilled lives.

*All facts cited from A Tale of Two Southwarks

Why is Southwark Giving needed?

To help us identify where we should best focus our energies we – together with other funders – commissioned independent research into hidden, unmet and emerging pressing local community needs in the borough. The findings of this research formed our needs report entitled A Tale of Two Southwarks.

Most issues facing Southwark currently cluster around the theme of community and opportunity. In short, the evidence concludes, and South Giving passionately believe that ‘a poverty of opportunities for some leads to a weaker community for all.

The report outlines 10 priority community needs in Southwark. These range from poverty, inequality, opportunities for children, young people, elderly and minority groups as well as education, training and employment. This research has shaped Southwark Giving to be able to target everyone’s resources to where they are needed most.

We have started an open and ongoing dialogue with and listened to residents, community groups, local funders and the business sector in Southwark to hear what it is they need most to be able to tackle local disadvantage – and to do so together.

Through this we have identified – and will continue to identify – the clear potential for unlocking new and untapped support for Southwark’s vibrant voluntary sector. The voluntary sector doesn’t just next extra funding, it has told us it also needs in-kind support, extra volunteers, consultancy, extra training and community space, for example. To help address this, we have begun to and will continue to make valuable connections and establish meaningful partnerships to unite the borough so, together, we can help people most in need.

What will Southwark Giving do?

We exist to enable anyone to give what they can and in collaboration with others help find new ways to address pressing local community needs. Focusing on the areas above, our resources will be given to further high social impact frontline community and voluntary sector work already taking place in the borough.
Southwark Giving is leveraging resources of money, skills and time through:

  1. Running an innovative financial Fund
  2. Offering meaningful skills-based and practical community volunteering opportunities
  3. Creating a Givers Network – an engaged group of donors and fundraisers for Southwark Giving


By uniting the borough to tackle local disadvantage, together, we can help those most in need


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