Stuart Morganstein, Chair of Trustees

“The Wakefield & Tetley Trust works to invest in charitable activity in Southwark, Tower Hamlets and the City of London. Our priority is to support work that tackles significant disadvantage and helps people who have limited opportunities and choices.

We are pleased to have funded the independent research “A Tale of Two Southwarks” and to have been part of the Advisory Group during the development phase of Southwark Giving. Southwark is a fantastic place to grow up, live and work, but as the research has highlighted, it is also a borough where some people face significant challenges and inequality. The Trust has therefore committed to supporting the ongoing delivery of the Scheme in 2017/18, and is excited to work collaboratively with other local charities, businesses, and SMEs to increase the amount of time, talent and money that is invested in Southwark.”