We’ve partnered with The Shard on an article about Southwark Giving

We are delighted to have partnered with The Shard on an article about Southwark Giving!

Yesterday The Shard published an article in which Helen, Southwark Giving’s Manger, talks about our Southwark place based giving scheme and the hope that it will help as many people as possible in the borough. Below is part of the article, you can read the full article on the Shard’s website here.

Anyone who gives anything has done a generous act and the only response should be one of genuine gratitude. It has come from someone’s heart,” says Helen Atwood, head of Southwark Giving.

Heart is something Atwood knows a lot about, having chosen to work in the charity sector upon graduating, while most of her peers headed off to lucrative corporate roles. Over a decade later, she hopes she has contributed to the fight against poverty. Most recently, through her current leadership at Southwark Giving, an emerging charity that enables anyone to give time, money and skills to help causes within the borough.

The initiative is an example of a relatively new charity movement called ‘place based giving’. This is the idea that those who live and work in a specific location are best placed to help, take ownership of and develop their community through donations, skills and time. It is a pertinent concept at a time when some larger UK national charities are undergoing PR crises. A simple way to view Southwark Giving is as a philanthropic matchmaker connecting people and money with hidden, unmet and emerging local community needs.

Usually, Atwood, a keen photographer, is behind the camera, but today she is framed against some street art near London Bridge, a pocket of Southwark that undoubtedly sits on the wealthier side of the borough. Indeed, it is Southwark Giving’s independent report called ‘A Tale of Two Southwarks’ published in 2016 that drives the initiative’s work.

Read the full article on The Shard’s website here.

We would like to say a big thank you to The Shard for partnering with us to share our Southwark Giving programme.