Why Southwark Giving?

Local place-based giving schemes

Local place-based giving schemes aim to create locally focused solutions to give time, skills and/or
money to meet the most pressing needs in an area. This means a strategic partnership between large and small businesses, local funders and the local authority to design a model that can focus resources and energies in innovative ways to meet needs.

Southwark Park

Southwark Park, Gomm Road SE16

Each giving scheme is tailored to meet the needs of that local community and the model is varied to suit the area. Giving schemes can be made up of grants programmes, volunteer programmes and more.

Giving schemes have potential to create lasting social impact. Though there are many benefits giving schemes offer, some of the key ones are:

  • providing a coordinated, strategic approach in addressing local needs
  • maximising the spare capacity and resources in a borough
  • bringing people together
  • creating better understanding of local disadvantage to help decrease the gap between the affluent and the poor in a borough
  • empowering everyone living and working in a borough to give time, skills and/or money
  • helping ensure long-term and sustainable impact
  • connect and fund small community organisations

Place-based giving schemes are a growing movement across London – and Southwark is part of it!

Southwark Giving

Our first step in setting up the place-based giving scheme for Southwark: ‘Southwark Giving’ was to identify the local community needs of the borough. The needs were researched and the findings have been compiled into a needs report: A Tale of Two Southwarks. This was commissioned by Community Southwark, with funding from United St Saviour’s Charity, Team London Bridge, The Wakefield and Tetley Trust and City Bridge Trust. The aims of the research were to provide information to form Southwark Giving’s strategic priorities and business model to ensure that it focuses on priority areas.

Through our research we’ve found that individuals, volunteers, community groups and charities are expected to deliver more with less. Giving schemes are one potential solution to this challenging environment – and it is happening in Southwark!

Southwark Giving is in its development stages and will be launched in the near future.

Southwark Giving is supported by Community Southwark, the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector, volunteers and social action in Southwark.

We are determined to achieve this by creating strong foundations that support all voluntary and community organisations, communities and individuals in Southwark. We will work together to improve practice, shape futures and change lives.

To find out what stage Southwark Giving is currently in take a look here.