With our charity partners, we work with children at risk of crisis, young people making critical life choices and unemployed adults seeking to secure employment, and we need your help…

Skills and Time… 

Can you offer employment related skills and time in the following areas:

  • soft skills training – (basic business etiquette); CV writing and interview skills and mentoring
  • digital – training in use of social media and communication 
  • marketing training – with specific focus on using marketing for volunteer recruitment 


Do you have a suitable space to host events:

  • Or alternatively, or as well as, can you offer corporate office space to host one off events

And what do you get?

Other than the chance to make a HUGE difference with your support to local and grassroots charities in Southwark, you will also…

  • have your logo displayed on our website
  • have a Southwark Giving badge to display on your website
  • have opportunities to meet and network with other like-minded businesses who have joined our growing pool of supporters from the business community in Southwark; and
  • have opportunities to meet the community and organisations you support through events and networks.

If it’s a yes!

If yes you do have the necessary skills/ time and space then please do get in touch with Reshmi ASAP for more information…this is a time limited opportunity to help us support these disadvantaged Southwark groups!