All About Labeling Machine You Need To Know

All About Labeling Machine You Need To Know

A labeling machine is an equipment that prints labels on objects and items. The machine is made up of different parts and components that make coordinated movements to place a print label or markings on the surface of an object.

All physical products have one form of label on them. They are used by companies and businesses to convey messages to customers. With new businesses springing up daily, there's a worldwide market waiting to be tapped in the production of labels.

What type of material can a labeling machine be used on?

A majority of today's labeling machines are built with a multipurpose function. For this reason, they can be used on a wide range of materials. They can successfully print labels on aluminium, fiber drums, steel, plastic, glass, etc.

What are the types of product labeling?

When it comes to product labeling, there are two major types used worldwide. The labels are either removable or non-removable labels. Like the name signifies, removable labels come with adhesives to stick to the object. They are a more temporary option to labeling, since they can easily be removed from the object's surface.

On the other hand, non-removable labels are hard-pressed on the objects in such a way that it cannot be peeled off easily like in removable labels. They are a more permanent option to product labeling.

Which product labeling type is the best?

Removable labels can sometimes be reusable. It largely depends on the type and quality of adhesive used. They are easily peeled off and are easily susceptible to the elements of weather. Additionally, they're a cheaper option when compared to non-removable labels.

Non-removable labels are a one-time print and are created to last longer. They are not as easily susceptible to the elements of weather as removable labels. However, although they are designed to last longer, the quality diminishes over time.

Each of them have their uses and applications and can only be chosen over the other depending on what is needed. Companies with products that have a long shelf life can choose to use non-removable labels so the instructions are always available. Sometimes, the company can also choose to use both labels on the same product.

What information can be put on labels?

There's no limit to what can be included on a product's label as long as it isn't abusive, inciting, or can cause harm or injuries to anyone. The most popular information used for product labels is for identification. The label clearly states the name of the product to differentiate it from other products.

Information on product labels can also be mandated by a country's law. For instance, most countries require consumable products to clearly state the ingredients, safety instructions, batch number, and expiration date. It helps inform the general public of the safety of the product before consumption.

Labels can also be used as a promotional tool. Brands can print labels that highlight offers and discounts. It is a quick and reliable way of passing information to customers since it is sure to reach its target audience.


Product labels are an important aspect of any business. Labeling machines will always be needed to help make prints and labels. They help identify, promote, and provide information to customers. The type of label used is usually dependent on the product and what is needed. Businesses should take care when choosing a labeling machine so that they can get one that meets their specific needs.