How to Choose the Best Watch Band

How to Choose the Best Watch Band

Nowadays, you need a smartwatch for most of your outdoor activities. An important part of the smartwatch is the band. Thus, there is a need to choose the right watch band that suits your needs. It is advisable to get band 6 straps. The following are the considerations to help you find the best watch band.

Select Appropriate Size

Start by measuring the width of the watch lugs to ensure you purchase the appropriate size band. For instance, a band that is too big is likely to pop off and bunch off or it will fail to fit. However, a band that is too small is likely to annoy you with its shifting motion. Make sure you determine the lug width before buying. Moreover, you can check the lug widths online or on the seller’s website.

Correct Length

The common watch bands are available in standard length that can fit most wrists. However, for small or big wrists, you should consider going for short or long straps. Start by measuring the size of the wrist. In this case, you can use the soft tape measure and a piece of paper. Like width, the strap length is measured in millimeters. The small size is the buckle end and the long one has holes punched on it.

Get Appropriate Tools

A watch strap can be removed using the spring bar accessory. You can easily buy this tool online. Another option is to use a knife or screwdriver. Also, you might require a soft cloth to avoid damaging your smartwatch. Some sellers provide spring bars at no cost. You can also find quick-release bands that do not require the use of the spring bar tool. In this case, they feature a knob that compresses the spring bar.


It is rare to find bands without buckles. Thus, make sure you check before buying. There is no need of purchasing a band only to discover it does not have a buckle. Maybe you want to replace the regular buckle with a custom one that suits your needs. The common replacement hardware you will find is made of stainless or brushed steel. Thus, if the watch case does not have these colors, you should consider finding some that match the hardware. Some of the popular colors include black, gold, and rose gold.


It is advisable to check the product description to find the material used to make it. If you are not careful, you might be surprised to discover that the crocodile band you bought is merely cow leather. If you are concerned about the material, you should check the manufacturer’s website and forums to find a supplier with the specific type of material you want. For instance, if you are searching for top-notch materials, such as lizard, crocodile, or alligator, you should look for custom band makers. Always pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure you get the right deal. Also, you need to know both pros and cons of the smartwatch band material. You should note that the price varies depending on the material, size, and color.