This Year Turn Your Boring Cotton Lingerie into Sexy Bras

This Year Turn Your Boring Cotton Lingerie into Sexy Bras

When it comes to choosing underwear, most women opt for functional over appealing. Even if one has sexy and lacey bras, they are meant to be worn on special occasions only.

However, what if I were to tell you that you can rely on the soft breathable material of cotton bras to act as sexy bras? Yes, you heard me, after following this list to to-do’s and through correct shopping decision, a perfect cotton bra can be bought which can act as sexy bras as well.

Pick the Right Color

When we think of a cotton bra, a boring beige or white is what usually comes into mind. However, when going shopping for cotton bras, look for colored options. The colors can be a loud red or soft and muted pastel pinks for a more feminine look. However, regardless of the type of color, a colored cotton bra will definitely be sexier than a beigey one.


Placement of scalloping or ribbing in a bra can turn a bra into a boring one or a sexy one. Look for cotton bras that have scalloping around the breast area in a manner that can emphasize the bust area. Such a bra will always accentuate the features and curves around the breast area, giving the bra a much sexier look.

Pick a Bralette

A bralette is meant to be minimalist in its design and covering, so obviously the minimal coverage of a cotton bralette can turn it into a sexy bra. Bralettes are usually wire free bras and mostly do not have any padding, so your cotton bra can remain comfortable while looking sexy at the same time.


A single toned bra speaks functional and boring, but if you shop for a two toned bra then it can be perceived as sexy. Even in neutral toned colors that might seem boring, if the colour is broken by a contrasting second tone then it can be turned into a sexy bra as well. So, when you go shopping, choose a cotton bra with two tones and prefer the ones in which at least one tone is a prominent color.


Any kind of accessory is always sexy in women’s underwear. One can choose buttons up the underwear or buttons along with ribbing in the cotton bra, both these can take the eye away from any inconsistencies and synch your figure inside. Similarly, decorative bows or laces with the waist band can also give the perception of being a sexy bra, while the material being cotton still offers the same comforts.


To summarise this article, be mindful that when you look for sexy bras in cotton material, opt for the right color and avoid boring beiges, even if the bra is in a beigey tone look for two-toned contrasting colors. A scalloped or ribbed bra with accessories like buttons or bows that accentuate the figure can also make your figure look sexy even though you are wearing a cotton bra.

So, if you are looking for sexy bras but are unwilling to give up on the comforts of a cotton bra, which is breathable and soft on touch, then making the correct shopping decisions can offer sexy and comfortable at the same time. Happy shopping!